Phyno : ..don't call me a rapper, call me a musician.

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Phyno the Obago master In a chat with HIPTVsays he simply prefers musician as a description.
He said: “Let me make this clear. Before I blew up as a rapper, I was a producer for eight to nine years before I ever rapped. So don’t call me a rapper, call me a musician. I know music. That is what most people don’t know.
“The way I relate to songs isn’t the same way other people relate to music. It’s completely different. If I want to sing and that is the vibe I’m feeling, I do it. If I want to rap, If that’s what I’m feeling at the moment, I do it.
“So there’s no box or “switching from what you used to be”. I don’t want to be the best rapper; I just want to be a musician. What I have inside me is way more than rap.”
 “Olamide and Phyno collaboration is now like a tradition. I always end up doing a song with Olamide because he is just the best guy for the collaboration. He is perfect for most songs that I record. He gives me exactly what I want. The synergy, the energy and chemistry is there, you can’t take it away from him. He is super-talented,” he said.
 “Of course I think he is advising them the right way- rappers should fix their life. And fixing their life is fixing their bank account. That’s the only way you can get respect in the industry… What makes people respect you at the end of the day?… Rappers should fix their life I think is a right advice but don’t take it to heart.”

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