DJ Khaled got into a bit of a “situation” while cruising around on a jet ski Wednesday (Dec. 20). As expected of any Khaled-related ordeal, the producer documented the occasion on social media and turned it into a life lesson.
In a series of videos posted on his Instagram, Khaled found himself trapped among a blockage of branches and trees in the water. He used the problem as an metaphor for the road blocks in life, and preached that “the key is to overcome it.”
Soon after, Khaled cut his leg trying to get his jet ski unstuck from a branch, which he again used for a life lesson: “don’t panic.” He also sent a message to anyone watching to contact his wife and let her know he needs help.
He took some time to FaceTime his son Asahd while waiting for help.
And, after some time, Khaled managed to escape and ended up at his friend Diddy’s house to receive some first aid and take a dip in the pool. Drake even showed up and the three hip-hop stars enjoyed the rest of the day back on the jet skis for some "mogul talk."

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