Guatemala will move its Isreal embassy to Jerusalem, following trump's lead

Jimmy Morales of Guatemala and prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu of israel

Guatemala will move its embassy from Israel to Jerusalem following trumps lead. president Jimmy Morales made the Announcement in his official facebook account, saying he has decide to move the capital after speaking with prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel

''We spoke of the excellent relations we had since Guatemala supported the creation of the state of important issue is the return of Guatemalan embassy to Israel''
This is coming after trump's decision to officially recognise Jerusalem as at the capital of Israel. but the united nations(UN) rejected such decision through a resolution by a vote of 128 against 9 who supported the decision with 35 country abstaining and 2 countries absent.

Though, president Donald Trump had threatened to cut off aids with nations that did not support her decisions. Guatemala among other countries supported the united states in its decisions, other countries that supported the united states includes Togo, The Marshall island, Nauru, Palau, Federated states of Micronasia and Honduras.

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