Nokia 1 : new budget Android phone

HMD Global is a Finnish company affiliated with Nokia Operating since December 2016, the firm develops and markets smart phones and feature phones under the "Nokia" brand name. the company is set to introduce more and better Nokia phones in 2018 and beyond. According to which reads...
''Through research, development and imagination, we endeavour to develop new products that are engineered to benefit humans, and humanity. Together, we aim to enhance the lives of our customers, create new, diverse, opportunities in global communication and bring the people of this big planet just a little closer together.''
Android Go can make any Android device work even with very low specs and requirements. They are ideal for developing regions where mobile data and network coverage are limited yet pricey. HMD Global wishes to tap such market and it may do so with the launch of Nokia 1. This Nokia smartphone is said to have basic features–720p HD display, 8GB onboard storage, and 1GB RAM. As for the pricing, it may be sold for about €80 ($95) in March in most emerging markets.

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