Welcome to The Swift Life, the social networking app

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While others are busy with court cases, divorce and others. Here is Taylor Swift monetising her brand.

The future s here.welcome to 'The swift life' Now Taylor Swift has followed in Kim Kardashian's footsteps with her own app, one that even includes Taymojis.

In the image, Taylor can be seen snuggling her adorable feline pal Olivia Benson.
The multiplatinum songstress appears in a shimmering blue sequined top, and included the superimposed message 'celebratory hug cause the app is OUT.'

She also included one of her new Taymojis, which showed her hugging the same cat, in the lower right hand corner.

She took to instagram and her caption read 'The Swift Life is available for free worldwide in the App Store. check out the the first look of what the App looks like on the video below. 

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