Duncan Daniels – Hold On (@Dunkishrock)

Duncan Daniels takes it back to the beginning, with tunes reminiscent to tracks from his debut album, like “Will Tomorrow Ever Come or “Take Me Home”. In other ways it’s safe to say Duncan Daniels has returned to Rock! “HOLD ON” is about staying true to yourself no matter the situation and the belief that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Enjoy!

Hold On
Written and Produced by Duncan Daniels, Guitar and Bass by Angelica M Rodriguez, Additional Guitar by Roger Gamon.

“‎”Your one of the rare artists I get an opportunity to meet & I applaud what you have done for yourself so far””
— Norman Ratner co-founder Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
“You can say what you want about Duncan Daniels, but One thing is for sure – His style of music is unique and refreshing, far from being commercial – it’s called Dunkish Rock. I like this one. If you’re yet to get his newest “SHOW STOPPER” album, hurry on to iTunes and get it. I thought Tracy Morris did a wonderful job on the hook. Great stuff!”


Play Song Will Tomorrow Ever Come
Play Song There She Goes Again
Play Song Beautiful
Play Song In Spite of These
Play Song Blindly in Love





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