Toke Makinwa - ''i was bullied tonight...'', Narrates her experience at the cross roads restaurant.

Nigerian radio personality, television host, vlogger, and authorToke Makinwa, who is popularly known for her book, On Becoming, co-hosting The Morning Drive on Rhythm 93.7 FM and her YouTube vlog series Toke Moments. At the early hours of Thursday morning, narrates her experience at the crossroads restaurant, Eko hotel and suits,Victoria island, Lagos,Nigeria.

Toke Makinwa,keeping to her promise of using all her platform to share her experience,has taken to instagram and twitter to share experience and share her feelings on the incidence. according to her,she was out to with her best friend when this whole incidence occurred.

According to her screen grab on instagram
''Anyone who knows me knows that it is not like me to go around and mouthing establishments but what i experience at crossroads tonight leaves me no choice. i went to have a drink with my best friend and as we walked in, we found a waiter to find us a table. The waiter walked us to an area where there was an empty table with 2 chairs. the table on our left was full, the table on the right was semi empty. To where was a young lady and a guy sat on it and as the waiter moved ahead to prepare the two seater table for us , the lady grabs the arm of the chair and says to him she expecting some him she s expecting some friends  heard her say some people are coming; we are about 7 in this point i was apprehensive. my friend and i stood back to watch the exchange but the waiter carried on. i told the waiter'' she said there's someone there'' but he shrugged it off insisting that we could sit down and the table was not taking. we hurriedly sat down and just as we are getting settled in, the lady gets up and leans into my friend to whisper something but my friend leaned back. she proceeds to lean towards me and yells in the process.''my friends are coming and you are going to get up when they come ''. i was polite enough to explain to her what the waiter said and if she still had an issue afterwards, the best thing to do was to take it up with the waiter......i was bullied tonight and i have never in my 33 years on earth watched a man act so childish and disrespectful over a table that in 3/4 hours is done, i am ashamed for the owners of crossroads, this type of behaviour should not be allowed. since you refused to take my order, i'm never coming back there again and i will use all my platforms to share my experience.'' she writes.

For anyone who has been to Tex-Mex Restaurant and Bar in the heart of the city for some hot plate fajitas,Tequila or any other variety the bar offers, you would be caught up with the serene environment and class, coupled with it polite service personnel. without jumping into conclusions,pointing fingers, we should learn to be professional and matured in our official matters. we should learn to put personal vendetta for personal vendetta. 

Though, we are yet to here the from the cross roads restaurant before this gets all messy. Nevertheless, no room for should be given to abuse of any sort.

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