WhatsApp rolls out SECRET new feature that will change how you use the free chat app video

WhatsApp is predominantly used as a popular messaging app.
In fact, on New Year’s Eve 2017, it was used in record amounts, with a reported 75 BILLION messages sent on the night.
However, a lot of people often forget that it's also pretty handy for video chat.
In fact, WhatsApp calls have become so crucial to the popular messaging app, that the platform has over 100 million calls made per day.
As with every year, there's always plenty of rumours about how the platform could be evolving and what new features it could be rolling out.
But for months, it's been rumoured that the company has been working on releasing a big update to the app's video chat feature.
And now we might finally have seen our first evidence of this upcoming change as part of a beta update released this week.
Reportedly, WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that introduces a brand new video call switch button.
This may only seem like a subtle change to the platform, but it's one that could have a big impact on how people use the app and encourage more users to use video instead of voice calls.
The new feature was first spotted by WABetaInfo, however, they say that this is only available at the moment to people signed up to the WhatsApp beta version.
Apparently, the button will send a request to the person you’re talking to, asking if they want to switch to a video call.
However, what makes this feature all the more clever, is that if the recipient declines the video call, the voice call will continue without any problems.
Ostensibly, the new feature means no one will ever have to hang up during a voice call to only then switch to a video call with the same person.
The feature is only available for the time being with one-to-one calls and won’t work for group calls.
However, Trusted Reviews suspects that "over time such a feature could make it into WhatsApp", especially with smartphone screen sizes which are big enough to support a split screen.
source :dailystar.co.uk

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