Ugandan president request women to produce not more than 4 children

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda has advised young women of uganda not to give birth to more than four children on Friday, February, 2018. This was made known at a thanksgiving service held for Adyeeri Muhanga, mother to controversial journalist Andrew Mwenda and MP Margaret Muhanga, in the western Uganda district of Kabarole on Friday, at Fort portal town. 

To buttress his point, he quoted the bible and explained how deadly diseases like syphilis made people in the old days abstain from having multiple partners. 

He further explained that the only reason Adyeeri had 14 children in  the past was because children were regarded as a form of insurance.

Museveni also praised Adyeeri Muhanga for her efforts in raising her children and the family. he said “She has good religious background, educated children, disciplined and has an economically stable family.”

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