I Give You Praise – Pauline (@paulinedaghe) #IGiveYouPraiseByPauline

“Pauline” composed and released a new song titled with Lyrics Video (I Give You Praise), with a grateful heart, to the Most High God. She said it is a privilege to praise and worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. For He is so awesome, so faithful, so powerful ,so merciful and so much more.

For Psalm148:1-10 tells us that all of creation is commanded to give praise to God. When Jesus was triumphantly entering Jerusalem great crowds gathered and offered Him their praises. The Pharisees wanted Him to rebuke the people, but Jesus answered, “I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out”

She said praising and worshiping God is a wonderful experience, because it turns our hearts to Him and keeps us mindful of His presence in our lives.


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