Man mutilates self to look like a ghost (PHOTOS)

We have always seen perfect makeup in Movies, but this one is no make no, its real. The 22-year-old, from Colombia, has had his nose cut off, ears mutilated and eyes tattooed on his face in a bid to make his face look like a skull.

According to him, he has always loved skulls ever since he was a child, but only started modifying his face after his mother died because she didn’t approve of it.

Kalaca Skull, whose real name is Eric Yeiner Hincapie Ramirez, who believes that body mutilation is a personnal decision has been undergoing extreme surgical procedures to make his face look like a skeleton for the last two years.
He then had his tongue split in half and tattooed it to a blue-grey colour before tattooing large black eye-sockets around his eyes.
Large teeth and hollow space was shaded in ink around his mouth and his hair was shaved into a mow-hawk style to show off his head tattoos.
 See pictures below : 

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