Nicki Minaj Talks Bars and Legacy in New Genius Interview ( VIDEO )

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Nicky Minaj

“Did you guys eat?” Nicki Minaj asked an audience of about 200 Barbz who yelled, in return, a resounding “No!”  
With concern, she demanded, “We need to get them some food.,” and an hour later, boxes of Domino’s pizza were ushered in. 
Among the room full of her legion of fans was a handful of media professionals, and a sprinkling of her VIP guests, all gathered for a live interview between Minaj and rapper and journalist Rob Markman Wednesday night. The Genius event, “Lyrical Queen” honoring and exploring Minaj’s career as a lyricist, set out to have the artist break down her songwriting process, culminating in a case being made for how she’s earned her place in the pantheon of greatest rappers alive.
“I know it’s late, and I’m sorry to keep you waiting,” she said after coming in from a video shoot.
“My bitch is working!” one Barb yelled, with not one ounce of annoyance in their voice, after their Queen arrived four hours late.
watch video below:

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