'This Is America' Cover Censored in Nigeria for 'Indecency, Vulgarity'

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A Scene from falz this is Nigeria

Falz #ThisIsNigeria seems not to be leaving the scene any moment from now. The video has captured the attention of Diddy, who shared the video on his Instagram account. Though, it's been more than three months since Childish Gambino's gorgeous nightmare and No. 1 hit "This Is America" collectively shook the internet and its impact is still being felt around the world. 

The Nigeria's National Broadcasting Company (NBC) banned rapper Falz's remake of the song, "This Is Nigeria," declaring its lyrics "indecent and vulgar" and "unfit for radio".

Falz's cover, released on May 25, a few weeks after the original's drop and several days before the 19th anniversary of Nigerian democracy, has already accumulated over 13 million views on YouTube, generated thousands of tweets using the hashtag #ThisIsNigeria. 

Kachblog.com initially reported that Falz responded in an instagram post, posted a letter from NBC to a radio station. ''This is Nigeria. Look how we living now, everybody be criminal is apparently a vulgar line😂🤣.’’

The song, in pidgin English language and some local inputs address some common Nigeria problems like Boko Haram, insecurity, Police brutality, internet fraud etc.

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