Hackers made me to quit social media - Mr. Ibu Laments

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Mr Ibu spoke against the backdrop of last weekend’s accusation by a lady that she had a one-night stand with the comic actor. Devastated by the accusation, the comic actor has recalled how hackers made him to quit social media. Recounting his story to NollyNow, Ibu said his Facebook account was once hacked by impostors so also were his Twittle handle and email address. This ugle experience, the actor said made him not to be active again on social media. 

According to his statement :

“Hackers made me to quit social media. They hacked my Facebook acount, my Twitter handle and my email. I am no longer active on social media. As I m talking to you now, I don’t have an email address. I had to shut down my email because of hackers,” 

source: Vanguard 

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